Beginner's Luck

On October 28th 1996, when I was eleven, I picked the five winning numbers for the weekly Italian Lotto.  That night I was the one who defined luck for someone.

Does luck exist? Is it a matter of coincidence? Or is it one’s attitude that makes some more lucky than others?

People have searched for an effective way of improving the good fortune in their lives for many centuries. Lucky charms, amulets, and talismans have been found in all civilizations throughout recorded history. Superstitions were created and have survived because they promise that most elusive of holy grails – a way of enhancing good fortune. Everyone of us have experienced luck at least once in life, it’s something we are constantly related to.

Beginner’s Luck” is a multi-layered project that - through personal episodes, natural phenomena, popular beliefs and commercial deceptions - explores how luck’s powerful and magical perception has influenced our personal and collective behave.